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Services That A Pinterest Virtual Assistant Offers

Now, this is a really trending opportunity, and it is something that’s available to entry-level VAs as well.

So, we’re going to be talking about some of the skills you would need to get involved in this field, and also where you can pick up those skills.

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What does a Pinterest assistant do?

As blogging has become more popular and more profitable, many bloggers out there are hiring their own teams, and not too surprising, these teams all work virtually, they all work from their own homes.

This is a great opportunity for many of you moms out there or those of you that are working a day job and looking for something on the side to pick up to make some extra money.

Now, as a Pinterest VA, your job is essentially to drive traffic back to your client’s website, and you’re doing that on the platform of Pinterest.

Now, Pinterest is a really image-heavy site. It’s not so much social like it is on Facebook or Twitter.

There’s not a lot of interaction, and comments, and things like that. It’s really about the images, and about the call to action on those images that is going to make people want to get back over to the website from where that pin originated.


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Now, the first skill you’re going to need as a Pinterest assistant is obviously to know what Pinterest’s best practices are.

  • What are the things that they’re looking for? And lucky for us, Pinterest is really transparent about the things that they like to see.
  • They want to see you pinning at the right time, they want to see you pinning frequently and consistently, they really want to have those engaging images, clear, bright images that are going to make people want to stay on their site and keep browsing.

And that’s one great thing about Pinterest is it’s really a discovery platform. In a lot of cases, it isn’t so much about who’s following you, although that’s certainly important.

It’s really about, you know, how engaging your pins are, how beautiful they are, how enticing they are in making people want to take action on that pin.

One of the most important skills you’re going to need to have as a Pinterest assistant is to know how to create compelling pins.

Now, there are some really great platforms out there that you can use to create images.

Canva is one that I use a lot for creating the images for my blog, and they do have a free option available.

They have a lot of free templates that are available, they’re going to show you the really good font combinations, color combinations, and their photo editor is really easy to work with.

If you need an easy tutorial to help you familiarize yourself with Canva, you can head to Udemy and get a course for $9 or go to YouTube and watch videos on Canva

You need to know where to get images that you will use to avoid copyright issues.

Now, there are some great stock image sites out there that I would recommend you check into.

For example, Styled Stock Society and Ivorymix both allow their images to be used for client projects at this time.


What Services can you Offer?

  • Business Account Set-Up
  • Board Creation and Management
  • Pin Creation
  • Keyword research – always ongoing.
  • Pin Scheduling
  • Tailwind setup.
  • Tailwind scheduling.
  • Joining group boards (can be timeconsuming).
  • Joining Tailwind tribes.
  • Check on tribe performance
  • Tribes and Group Boards

Let’s look at some of these services that a Pinterest VA should offer.


How to write compelling pin descriptions.

Pin description will inform the pinner what the pin is all about, and also it’s going to involve that call to action that’s going to make them go back to your client’s website, which is your main goal.

Many people consider Pinterest a search engine, and because of that, and when you’re brushing up on those skills, and you’re learning about SEO, and about keywords, and how to use those in your descriptions, there’s going to be an added benefit as well.

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How to Schedule Pins

Being able to schedule Pins in advance greatly increases your ability to make more money. Schedule those Pins a week or a month at a time and move onto the next client.

Tailwind is a Pin scheduler that I highly recommend. They’re a Pinterest partner, so you don’t have to worry about anything shady going on there that could get you in trouble later on.

And it’s really affordable as well. I believe Tailwind has accounts that start at just $15 per month.

Pinterest Management

Now, a truly valuable VA is a well-rounded VA.  Being a Pinterest VA does not only involve scheduling pins

Those making the most money are those who can offer other crucial services on Pinterest such as

  • Creating the pins,
  • Optimizing the pins for SEO, you know,
  • Managing the clients’ account,
  • Account Audit
  • Board Optimization

Reporting and Analytics

At the end of the day, efforts, or results are what people pay for. They don’t just want to pay someone to be pinning randomly with no return.

If the client is not getting traffic back to their site at the end of the day, it’s really just a waste of money to them

Learning about Pinterest analytics and Google analytics are really things that are going to set you apart as a Pinterest assistant.

Becoming a Pinterest VA is easy if you put on the work and possible.

You don’t need to have a marketing background or a fancy marketing degree from somewhere. These are skills that you can pick up online.

And it’s certainly something that even entry-level VAs can learn.

Are you ready to start learning more about becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? If you’re looking for a course that’s going to teach you everything, as far as building up your Pinterest assistant business, and learning how to market yourself to clients, then I highly recommend Become a Pinterest VA Today Kristin over at Believe in a Budget has a really great Become a Pinterest VA This course is only open a couple of times per year.

She does offer a really great free workbook that you can take advantage of. And that workbook is going to teach you a couple of little skills, and give you an opportunity to practice being a Pinterest assistant.


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