how to become a scopist

How To Make $4000/Mo As a Scopist.

Today I would like to explore an opportunity that may not be in the familiar list of “work from home jobs” of many people.

It, however, could be one of the most rewarding for those who desire self-paced, flexible, freelance, interesting-yet-challenging opportunities to bring in those extra cents.

I am talking about scoping which interestingly, has been around since the 1980s.

Well to start off, I would like to take a few moments just to create an understanding of what being a Scopist entails.

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Scopist Traning To Help You Become A Scopist

You don’t need to have a college degree to get a job as a Scopist. Hurray!!

However, becoming a Scopist from home is not something you can do without real knowledge or experience in the field, therefore, some form of training will be crucial to become good at any scoping jobs.

Linda has a free mini-course on scoping that gives you tons of important information


become a sopist- work from home legit jobs

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Day 1: What is scoping? What does a scopist do?
  • Day 2: How big is the demand for scopists?
  • Day 3: What skills does a scopist need? + Test your word skills!
  • Day 4: What about finding clients and marketing?
  • Day 5: Do I need a degree?
  • Day 6: What’s the earning potential?
  • Day 7: What do I need to get started?


 About Linda Evenson

Linda Evenson, a true inspiration and the mastermind behind Internet Scoping School. She has been a Scopist for a whooping 40years… 

Linda has been making a 6-figure income in this niche working from home. 

Scope School is the most thorough and effective scoping training program that teaches to do far more than edit transcripts for court reporters — how to build a successful scoping business.

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What is Scoping?

Scoping is nothing but editing transcripts from the courtroom.

If you have ever had some interest or simple curiosity in court or legal environments, you will appreciate the fact that it is riddled with fine prints and loopholes where mistakes can be costly and with consequences.

This raises the need for accurate captures of what is being said.

This need, in turn, is what brings about the job of scoping which refers to the profession of creating transcripts of trials, depositions or other proceedings for court reporters.

Basically, a court reporter writes out the legal proceeding and it goes to a Scopist who then makes the necessary edits.

A Scopist works as an independent contractor with court reporters on a job-to-job basis which means that the potential is limitless.

This job doesn’t need you to be physically present in the courtroom, and won’t need you to meet the court reporter either.

Everything can be done from the comfort of your home.


Why Would Court Reporters Need Scopists?

Well picture this – in a scenario bursting with multiple speakers who generate fast and overlapping speech, there is the likelihood that even the best reporters will miss getting it perfect 100% of the time.

That is why they enlist the services of Scopists to help them come up with accurate verbatim records.

When the reporter sends a transcript and corresponding audio to the Scopist, it is the latter’s job to look for any spellings mistakes and fix any errors thereafter ensuring error-free transcripts for the reporter.


How Much Can I Expect to Make as a Scopist?

The good news as I noted beforehand is that the potential is limitless and can vary from assignment to assignment.

Depending on workload, speed, nature of the assignment, experience as well as the client, a Scopist can make anywhere between $1,000 – $4,000 a month which is a decent topping especially if you are freelancing or seeking something extra.

You might only make 20K/year or less starting out, but once you get up to full time, you should be able to make 30-50K per year.


Is Scoping For Everyone?

Scoping will particularly be of interest for anyone who is either:

  • Looking for a part-time or full-time job that they can do from the comfort of home
  • A court reporting student looking for a job that fits in with their hectic schedule
  • An enthusiast of legal shows and listening to interesting cases
  • A transcriptionist or proofreader looking to transition or supplement their income
  • A perfectionist who loves punctuations, spelling etc. in the English language


What Skills Do I Need To Be a Scopist?

Some of the basic skills that are necessary for the day-to-day life of a Scopist include the following:

Critical eye for Grammar and Punctuation

Being obsessive with grammar, punctuations, tone, words, commas,etc. is an integral part of many Scopist.

Mental shock-absorbers

You will come across sensitive or disturbing scenarios from time to time hence the need to develop strength of the mind.

Ability to Manage Pressure

This means that you will need to maintain an astute balance in order to meet deadlines, prioritize, handle urgencies as well as effectively juggle multiple projects. 

Other traits include:

  • Self-discipline
  • Comfortable Working Alone
  • Business mind


What Tools Do I Need To Get Started As a Scopist?

You will need to invest in a number of items, which I also refer to as must-have gear to get started on the scoping journey.

The list can be extended but the basics include the following:

  • A good computer preferably a laptop since you may want to be working on the go.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Good quality headphones or speakers preferably with noise cancelation feature.
  • Specialized software (computer-aided transcription or known simply CAT)
  • A great training course:  Internet Scoping SchoolThis training is the most thorough, comprehensive program you can get.  ISS has two to three times the training material of other online courses, the most experienced instructor, and it is the only course to thoroughly train students in reading steno notes and the knowledge of running the software.

CAT Software

There are a few options available when it comes to software choices.

There are however two of the most widely used which are Case CATalyst and Eclipse.

In conclusion

Scoping is a work-from-home job opportunity that has high demand but is also pegged a lot on credibility and experience.

If you need help deciding if scoping is the right career for you, get access to the FREE 7-day mini-course currently available.