How To Become A Virtual Assistant And Earn $5k+/Month

work from home jobs and make upto $60000 as a virtual assistant
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Working as a virtual assistant is a smart option for those who want to work from home, especially if you are a stay-at-home mum.

Virtual assistant tasks offer the best means to earn cash from home.

Since most of the VA positions are part-time, this gives you the flexibility to spend enough time with your family.

Based on your availability and the company you work for, you will have a chance to work, however much you desire.

In this article, we’ll share valuable tips on how to become a Virtual Assistance even if you don’t have experience.

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What does a Virtual Assistant do?

A virtual assistant provides support services from a remote location. The type of services offered can include everything from simple administrative like data entry tasks to complex social media campaigns like Facebook ads.

Virtual assistants are in high demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help but don’t want to bring on full-time staff in a specific location.

Even though the services and skills offered by VAs tend to vary, there are some essential soft skills that will make your tasks easy.

They include

  • Organizational skills,
  • Interpersonal skills,
  • Communication skills, and
  • A good understanding and knowledge of everything on the internet.

Free Training

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As a VA, you will be interacting with different people online. For this reason, being able to use a proper approach with each individual is vital.

Having organizational skills is essential if you want to be successful in your VA business. This is because you need to organize your time and set proprieties right.

Since you will be working online, understanding all matters related to the internet is important. You don’t have to be an IT expert, but you must know how to post on social media and make a PDF file.

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How much should you charge as a Virtual Assistant?

According to recent studies, average virtual assistants based in North America make $25-$50 per hour.

However, this will depend on your skill-set, field of expertise, and experience. That means you need to be more experienced and offer high-quality services to charge more.

Some people charge as low as $15 per hour while others charge more than $100 per hour.

So, what does that tell you?

You need to be good at whatever you do and get clients that value your services.

How fast you can start making money depends on how fast and frequently you advertise your services.

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Top 10 VA Services That Are In Highest Demand Right Now

When I started offering my virtual assistant service over two years ago, I didn’t know what kind of skills that I would provide my customers. Since I already knew what I was excellent at, I started my journey there.

However, if you are good at one skill-set, it doesn’t mean that others need that skill.

I have compiled the top ten VA services that are in high demand right now, after doing extensive research. If you want to become a VA, this list will help you get started.

1.Email Management

Become a Virtual Assistant and Earn $50/hr

Email management entails handling all aspects related to emails and inboxes.

These services are useful for businesses and individuals that receive a huge volume of emails daily and might find it hard to manage and store them effectively.

As a VA, your work will be handling various tasks related to your client’s emails and inboxes.

They include deleting unnecessary emails, creating important folders to organize your client’s inbox, arranging contacts, and management of several email accounts.

You will also respond and send follow-up emails and make filters for incoming emails.

2. Calendar Management

Having a daily schedule is a vital aspect of running a business. Business owners need to go through the layout daily to know what needs to be done.

However, effective calendar management is complicated and time-consuming. That’s why they will need your services.

As VA, you are tasked to create an effective calendar management solution that will keep your client’s day organized.

3. Customer Services (Phone or Email)

customer service


You need to have the required skills to manage all your client’s customer service tasks.

They include answering questions via phone or email, live chat, and reply to reviews.

You need to be fast and reliable since you are representing the company’s brand.

4. Content Creation

Content marketing is one of the greatest strategies in itself that comprises numerous marketing plans that are aimed at the right kind of audience of the brand.

For this reason, business owners are always looking for the VA to help them create content that generates leads.

Your work as a VA will include creating content in the form of articles, posts, slideshows, infographics, presentations, and whitepaper.

5.Email Newsletter Creator

An email newsletter template creates a difference between a mail that will generate a lead and the one that can’t.

Your work as a virtual assistant will include finding the best layout of communications across the email marketing system for your client.

You will need to source attractive templates with a consistent format that the audience will love.

6.Video Editing

Become a Virtual Assistant and Earn $50/hr

Video editing has become one of the most sought after services for companies. So, this can be a great service to add to your VA portfolio.

You will be tasked to create a prerecording checklist for your customers, make a blooper reel for your client, manage their social media live videos such as Facebook, and upload videos on YouTube.

7. Create Sales Funnels

Sales funnel is a procedure where the public learns about the company and later make a purchase to become clients.

As a VA, you will be tasked to craft compelling ad copies, creating stand-out ad pictures and create a Facebook/Instagram post that hint, entice and teach.

8. Facebook Ads

facebook ads

Facebook ad is a great tool for generating leads and getting clients online. This platform offers direct access to the audience.

Your work will be handling various tasks such as researching and creating content, audience engagement and monitoring, producing monthly reports, and keeping your client updated.

9. Graphic Design

graphic design

Graphic design is a visual communication strategy that aims to solve problems via the use of photography, illustration, and topography.

A graphic designer is a creative individual with numerous ideas in mind. With the right software and tools, you will create a marketing design for any business.

Some of the tasks of a virtual assistance graphic designer include creating flyers, logos, letterheads, stationaries, and stickers.

10.Web Design

web design

Many business owners want to improve their online presence, as this will help them increase brand loyalty, brand recognition, and brand authority.

This allows them to transform and increase inbound traffic at a reduced marketing cost.

That’s why they need to hire web designers to increase and manage their company’s presence online.

Your work as a VA will include custom on-page content creation and custom logo design.

Don’t freak-out!! you don’t have to know any coding at all.

How Can You Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

There are numerous to get virtual assistant jobs. Here are some of the methods to consider.

  • Check out different social media platforms such as facebook
  • Cold pitch your services to local business
  • Visit freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, People per hour

Last word

While virtual assistance offers a flexible way to earn money at the comfort of your house, you can turn it into a lucrative profession that you can pursue.

So, pick a number of skill sets you believe you are good at and start making money now.