Getting Your Business Online with a Full-Service Web Host; Hostpapa

There is an increased need for an online presence today, every small business wants to get involved in the social market, and those established businesses want to solidify their position and break more grounds by reaching out to more potential clients.

The need to own a website is part of the key area in getting started in achieving these goals.

Now, finding a good and reliable hosting company isn’t that easy to come by as many out there seem to be offering similar services; HostPapa has some lead features that will help you in achieving and solidifying your online presence.

Supported features ranging from domain registration and site-building tools, email services, and advanced security options are some of the very needed components.

Let’s take a glance at the hosting company history with regard to how they managed to solidify their position in the hosting business.

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HostPapa has successfully hosted over 500,000 websites on its data centers in the US and in Canada.

This is remarkable looking at the time they came into existence, since 2006 (founded by Jamie Opalchuck); It’s over 13 years now, and they have been there improving their services.

One clear answer to their increased growth could be their willingness to satisfy their customers by providing customer services and phone support in some languages outside the regular English language.

Such language includes French, Spanish, and German to both foreign and local clients.

They are indeed formidable. Let’s learn more about their offered services.


1. Domain Registration and Transfer

The URL which is an acronym for uniform resource locator, and popularly known as the website link is called domain. This unique link is available to only one user in the world. That is why no two sites have the same link.

HostPapa provides an easy way out to either own your own unique web link called domain which suits your businesses completely or transfers an existing one.

Once your domain has been purchased, you can then subscribe to a hosting plan as provided on their platform that suits your appropriate goal.


2.Hosting Services

HostPapa provides a well-organized level of hosting packages to satisfy your needs as you progress in getting your website functioning, and your business is being scaled at various growth stages.


3.High-performance Hosting Servers

Have you ever tried loading a website and it’s taking forever to bring up the required page?

Factors such as slow servers could be the main problem outside a site built with large-scaled files and images.

In order to eliminate the slow server issues, HostPapa hosting packages ensure a high-speed server for all hosting packages.

Also, HostPapa offers a maximum runtime which is a 99.9% guarantee.

A fast and reliable server ensures that your site contents get to its end users in a thunderbolt so fast that you will be excited and encouraged to click on more navigation links and buttons on your site.

This is achieved by the combination of its SuperMicro servers and CDN which stands for content delivery networks.

A one-year free domain registration is available for all the hosting plans.

The availability of a control panel is also integrated, which is very similar to the Xampp offline server for developers which enables the easy exporting of Mysql databases and also setting up other functions; you should explore this also.

4.Optimized WordPress Hosting

WordPress users aren’t left out as HostPapa includes this service for content management system users (CMS).

You will be delighted to use their optimized WordPress servers.

The availability of security against malware, spam, filtering and other forms of web insecurity have been taken care of as Jetpack security in conjunction with WordPress security monitoring services are put in place.

You also have pre-installed WordPress software with;

  • Automatic updates,
  • Professional themes,
  • Great security,
  • and also access to a live WordPress expert support at any time.

HostPapa has everything for you to start building your WordPress website in one day.

WordPress has lots of Theme, plugins, and security that are ready for use at any time.

Full support from WordPress is also at your disposal. HostPapa has all your questions answered via the WordPress CMS. So, what are you waiting for?


5.VPS Hosting


The goal of any business be it an offline or online business is to break new grounds. Small scale business as they get larger in data collections and storage requires a more optimized server.

This optimized server is made private. So, the Virtual Private Server is very much a next-level action as your online business gets bigger and better.

HostPapa optimized VPS hosting service empowers online businesses with control, security and support required to meet and maintain the business as it expands indefinitely

VPS hosting is a level from another level with a quick and faster server, increased and powerful performance that is enabled by 12 cores, 24 GB of Random-Access Memory (RAM) and 1TB of storage which can be upgraded.

The hosting of unlimited domains is also another nice feature using a VPS hosting server.

The VPS server could be easily managed using the cPanel and WHM. The use of the command line root Level SSH access also gives users complete control.


6.Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is used mainly by firms who buy these host services in wholesale and sell to customers to earn a profit.

When you buy this hosting service in bulk, allotted hard drive space and bandwidth is made available to you for usage.

Whenever you sell, you are also allotting a certain volume of these services to your customers. You may resell a shared hosting service or buy a dedicated server from HostPapa.

So What are the Benefits

  • It’s good for business agencies & IT firms, or to effectively manage multiple websites.
  • It gives your clients the privilege to control their own accounts.
  • It provides the use of a single dashboard to manage all your clients.


7.Company Email and Office Tools

The use of email and office tools helps to enhance communication between you and your clients. HostPapa has provided an optimized email to facilitate this.

They offer a range of plans that meet different scales of business. It’s lovely to know that you can own a company mail using their basic hosting plan.

I guess you might be wondering how you can get a customized business mail such as; this is all covered by HostPapa.

Large scaled online businesses will find the Advanced Email plan a better choice as it gives mobility and security since large online businesses rely much on tablets and smartphones.

HostPapa also offers Microsoft Office 365 services at an affordable amount. This service is very useful for small businesses in need of online storage, email, and Microsoft office. This is available in their G Suite services.

So, whatever the scale and objective of your online business, HostPapa has you at its best interest.


8.Robust Security

Online business platforms deal mainly on client’s information to meet their goal.

It’s no news of the increased cyber hacks in the world.

HostPapa provides strong security against hacks because your client’s information is of high value.


9.Protection Power

The use of malware, SQL Injection, and Cross-site scripting is a common tool used by hackers to collect your client’s information and divert their important secrets.

They have an extra inbuilt service called the Protection power

HostPapa via a robust protection strength run an automatic check to help prevent and escape all injections and hacks using their advanced scanning tools; therefore, you are safe.

The plan entails a 24/7 access to security experts, and a web firewall application to protect your website from hackers.

This service also gives a pre-warning and removal of any form of malware. It gives you the privilege to dictate your own WAF rules to prevent suspicious traffic.

Clients are more relaxed when there is extra proof. If your site has HostPapa’s Protection Power Trust Seal, it boosts their confidence level, and they trust your services even more. This service is made available on HostPapa at an affordable rate.

I encourage you to make do of this service, and you will be giving your clients the peace of mind they deserve.

10.Free SSL Certificates

The online business makes use of the client’s details to provide a valid and competent service. These details could be account details, addresses, reports, or transaction receipts, and values.

To ensure this sensitive information is not tapped by hackers, HostPapa provides an upgraded level of Security via SSL support.

An SSL certificate converts your data into unreadable, and encrypted code, which ensures that any possibility through which your data can be intercepted by hackers is eliminated.

This service encompasses a quick to install Global Sign SSL certificates that are recognized by nearly all web browsers and make use of about 256-bit encryption.

A site with an SSL secured has a padlock icon at the URL location; this gives your clients more confidence in their security.


11.Website Design and Management Service

Are you not that tech-savvy? Don’t worry!

HostPapa provides services that make it easy for less technical business owners to get the most out of their company’s website.

Not everybody is a developer, so HostPapa has made it easier for its user to build a platform to help small business owners to set up.

They have an easy to use tool for web design and a more customizable online store features to meet your need.


There is a lot of work when you are coding your website from scratch to finish, and you might not know all the necessary programming language to do this effectively.

HostPapa has done this for you via its Do-It-For-Me service.

They have a team of experts and developers to provide you with an optimized search engine optimized website from scratch (HTML) to Finish.

12.Online Store

To sell your products online, you will require a reliable online store to achieve this. HostPapa provides this solution.

They enable you to set up a professional online store which includes;

  • Add to cart functions,
  • Payment services,
  • Automated receipt generation services
  • and the necessary security required to secure your client’s order.

There is a simple store builder available on HostPapa that helps you build this beautiful and functioning online store that is device friendly both for PC’s and smartphones and tablets.


My Final Word

HostPapa is a reliable Hosting Company that has solidified its position with over 13 years of experience and development.

They provide formidable security service and an exceptional level of support for its customers.

They have also brought small scale businesses into the limelight by helping them have a quick set up process via their services.

So, there is no limitation for you, my friend; I encourage you to get started on HostPapa today.