explainer video in fiverr

Earn Money On Fiverr With this Skill- Make Money Online 2020!

Do you want to make money online but have no skills?

In this article, I will show you how you can start earning $150 per day or even more than that with a simple method.

The good thing about this method is that you can get started for free, all you have to do is a little bit of work and you can start making money online with this.

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make money on fiverr


It’s fun, it’s not complicated, and anyone can learn it in less than an hour.

It doesn’t matter what your background or your location, or how much experience you have (or don’t have).

Without any further ado let’s get right into it.

The website we are going to use to make our money is fiverr.com and I am going to show you a gig that is super easy for you.

The gig in question is video and animation;

Whiteboard and Animated Explainers.

Don’t freak out, as I said earlier you do not need to have knowledge of the skill.

As you can see from my screenshot below people are charging a lot of money you got one $175,$300 for video animation.

As a beginner, you will charge less of course.

You can also have your profile on other websites such as Freelancer.com, Upwork.com.


What is an Explainer Video? You May Be Asking

Luckily for you I have a PhD in Googling, and here is what I have found.

An Explainer video

Explainer Videos are so popular that they’ve become an essential tool for online marketing.

Businesses, small or big, online or offline are demanding for these explainer videos.

Youtubers are also looking for these videos for their channels.


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How Do I Make Explainer Videos?

Then how do you go ahead and make these explainer videos?

The website you are going to use to create these animated videos is Renderforest.

You can make online video animation logos and websites.

This website has been featured Forbes, Entrepreneur, GoDaddy so they work with big brands and companies making them a legit website.

When it comes to pricing they have different packages according to your needs, however, don’t worry because they have a free version and this is what you’re going to need for your videos at least to get started with.

Later on, you can probably subscribe to something like the pro version which is $25 per month you can charge more money for your gigs on Fiverr.com or over on freelancer.

For now, we’re going to focus on the free and we are going to browse videos.

Show you what the videos are like so here is an example of explainer video that you would be doing.

You can create a similar video for free and that’s what we’re going to do we’re going to click on create.

As you can see, you just start adding scenes to it alright and you can change the scenes if you do not like the already provided scenes.

You can also change the characters you can make it to a female if you like to customize your scenes to what you like.

You can add food, beverages, money, finances, video holders technologies

Companies will pay you because they don’t actually have the time to find this information on the internet on how they can do this.

They just know that they want this made for them and they’ll hire someone like you to actually go ahead make these 3 to 10 minutes explainer videos.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your seller account on Fiverr and sign in to RenderForest to start making money.


4 Steps To Start Making Money Skills In Fiverr


1.Create an Account With Fiverr

Of course, this is obvious. Go to Fiverr or any other platform and open an account. It is Free


2. Show Your True Face

It’s human nature to want to see the face of the person with whom you’re communicating.

If you can have a profile picture that clearly shows your face, it will make your profile look more professional and will show buyers that they’re working with a real individual person.


3. Do In-page SEO in Fiverr

In the Gig Title, make sure to include Power Words as well as Keywords.

Your keywords can be “animated explainer videos”, “whiteboard animations”, “video explainers”, etc.

Power Words would include, Epic, Staggering, Surprising, etc.

The Category should be Video and Animation and the Sub-category is Whiteboard and Explainer Videos.

Then Set Animation Type as 2D Animation.

In your Tags section, include your keywords as explained above.

In the Description and FAQ, Make sure to:

  • Include your keywords
  • Reassure them of your quality work(Even if you are just starting out)
  • Mention that you want to be contacted first before the actual order (to get a clear picture of what the client wants and avoid wrong expectations )
  • Emphasize the value that are you giving to them
  • Highlight what you want to emphasize (You can use a highlighter)


5.Create an Inspiring Animated Explainer in your intro

Since you’d like to sell animated video explainers, you must give them a snippet of what you can do.

Go to Renderforest and create a 30-sec or 60sec video explaining what you’d want to do for them. You can always spy what other sellers are doing in their profiles.

That way, they’ll already get a feel of what kind of animation they can expect from you.

Don’t forget to say “exclusively in Fiverr” at the end of the video for it to be published by Fiverr.


6. Be Sincere

Have a conversation with your clients first before taking on a job.

That’s the very reason why you need to emphasize to contact you first before they engage with you.

Ask your client for the script and voiceover and assess it carefully.

If you think, it’s doable, commit 100% to your clients. Otherwise, decline politely.



That’s my point of view on how to make money in Fiverr doing animation.

If you have more time to do it, expect much more returns.

I hope this helps.