22 Websites That Pay Writers $100+

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Do you love writing? If you do, then you should love these sites that will pay you top dollar for your quality content.

Learn how and where to earn money writing articles.

You can make over a $100 with each and any of these sites if you go ahead and take action right now

I need you to understand that to be successful with this particular method or way of making money online you will need to sign up with as many of these sites as possible and you will need to create a portfolio on a free website like Wix or medium just to be able to show or to pitch your articles to these different sites.

These websites cover a whole range of:

  • Travelling and Food
  • Tech
  • Business, Career, and Finance
  • Family and Parenting
  • Health
  • Faith and Spirituality
  • Lifestyle and General Interest and so much more


           Want to Earn Some Extra Money?


As you can see below you can get paid to write articles for them and all you have to do is;

  • Suggest a topic
  • Submit your article
  • And get paid

They pay $50.00 per each published article and they aim to get at least two to three guest posts per month.

Go ahead and pitch an article that is relevant to their particular type of niche or something that will be great for their audience.

The payment is through PayPal

Quick tip: if you do get accepted into any of these website first do you research on what they actually write about and all you have do is just go to the website itself and see the different types of articles that they publish on their website and you can use that as a base to do your research to find ideas to create content around and submit them.


If you are a travel blogger or at least if you know a little bit about traveling then this website is for you.

Wanderlust is a British blog so their market is other British readers if you have some articles that would interest British readers then you can send write for them.

They are known to pay 220 pounds per post around 1,000 words.


This is also a travel related blog that pays $150 to $700 per post they don’t specify how many words you need to write but you can expect between 150 and 700 depending on what the topic is about.


They actually pay $1 per word so you can do the math; that can be up to a $1000 for 1000 word


They pay about $250 per article and their articles are all based on true stories of people’s achievement and goals a lot of their posts are focused on things that people have overcame, obstacles through their faith and or lessons learned.

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They pay out $200 per post and they’re looking for a funny heartwarming story that has happened to you or someone you know.


Power for living pays about $125 to $375 per post and it’s all for Christian adults so all of their articles are based on Christianity and faith.

If you write a 700 word article for them you should expect around $125 dollars and if you write for 1400 to 1600 words you can expect around $375 per post.


If you are a writer interested in short stories or you can say maybe you’re into science fiction then Clark’s world is the place to be.

Clark’s school will pay you $500 to $1300 dollars approximately.

They have actually won many awards for their magazine so if you want to write for Clark’s world magazine they have a word limit of 1,000 to 16,000 words per post you are paid 10 cents per word up to 5,000 words and then after 5,000 words you get paid 8 cents per word


Longreads is a deep analysis and journalism site that pays you $250 for 1,000 word articles and $500 for longer ones.

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This site actually offers you two different options of creating content.

First you have articles that you can create and next you have images that you can create so if you are great in designing images you can go ahead and apply .

You can also apply to write content and articles by registering to their forum

This site will pay you $150 for your first article and $250 for every one after that.

The process is simple you all you just have to create your first article and once it gets accepted onto the platform you can start making more than $250 for every article that you create.

If you’re serious about making money by writing articles online you want to check out this site

11. Tuts+ Code, Vectors, WordPress

Get paid to write tutorials about web development, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and WordPress.

Their rates start at $100 USD per quick tip tutorial and $250 USD per regular tutorial (that is, per article per tutorial).



This site gets over ten million monthly visitors and to be able to write for this website all you have to do is apply.

Then they’ll give you all of the info on how to submit articles to this site.

Whatculture has different content options that they want ranging from Film, TV, Gaming, Sport & More.

They recommend writing 1500 word or more so go ahead and sign up for this website so to get more information.

You’ll be getting paid around 0.50 euros for each 1,000 views that are generated on your article now because this site gets over 10 million monthly viewers you can expect to get a lot of views on your articles and make money with this website.


This is another website that you can apply to become a writer.

This site will pay you around $60 if your article is accepted onto the platform and it needs to be around 600 words

Payments are made through PayPal.

The downside of this site is that they have a lot of requirements that you need to go through and read for yourself and if you think you can write articles around their given topic then  go ahead and apply


This is a website that actually publishes posts on the top 10’s

The top 10 best movies and so on they do have a lot of categories that you can create content around.

The payment is $100 per article and you need to have a PayPal account for this to work if you don’t have a PayPal account don’t go ahead and send in your articles because you will not get accepted.

They have some rules and guidelines that you need to go through and they also have some rules about pictures and videos that you also need to read.


Copyhackers mostly have content on online marketing, freelancing copywriting and different types of tutorials.

If you have expertise in that field you can go ahead and check out this website.

They pay around $300 to a $1000 for every accepted completed post but they are not specific on how they pay out their writers.

They also have a lot of requirements required to get accepted they give you a lot of topics that you need to cover and they tell you how to submit the work to their website.


If you’re great in Photoshop and you have some knowledge in Photoshop like creating different Photoshop images, you know about different effects and brushes that you can create tutorials around then this is your website.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page click on Write for us

You can make anywhere from $50 to $300.

If you have a simple article you can make around $50 for a quick tip or $150 for a full article and $300 for a full tutorial.

You might have articles that you’ve created on different tutorials and articles you can go ahead and submit also.


This awesome website mostly covers technology and news content so if you have a knowledge on technology and like writing news articles then you can submit your application.

They pay around $100 for 1000 words article and you’ll get paid by PayPal.


This website writes on so many topics such as;

  • Retirement Index
  • Best Places
  • Ask The Experts
  • Travel Tips
  • Where To Retire
  • Savvy Tips
  • Video
  • Singles
  • Cost Of Living
  • Healthcare

They will pay you $150 for a 1500 word article or $100 for 1000 word article. You can also get $150 for creating a 3-min video.


This website offers a great opportunity for anyone who’s trying to make money by creating content online.

Linkable give you the chance to apply to become a freelance writer and build backlinks for your clients.

I know maybe you may be thinking how you are going to build backlinks for your clients but I will explain that in a bit; most clients and most authors who apply to this platform have blogs and some of their blogs have high DA that’s domain Authority.

If you have a blog with a high DA so let’s say anywhere between from 10 to a 100 you can go ahead and use this site to get backlinks for your clients.

All you have to do is to apply to link building jobs that match your expertise and your interest and then create content for those clients and post it on your website.

Payment is around a $150 for low DA sites and if you have a high DA site you can get up to a $1000 per one blog post giving backlinks to people.

Before applying you have to read their strict author requirements which you need to follow and then you can go ahead and apply.

Your application will then be reviewed and if you do get accepted you can start working with brands and companies that are looking for backlinks online.

How Do I Get Guest Posting Opportunities? You might be asking

As a content creator or an author you can use sites like Facebook groups to get guest posting opportunities where you can write guest posts on websites with high domain authority and then you can provide those backlinks to these companies that are willing to pay you a lot of money for doing so.

Go to Facebook and search guest posting then you can go ahead and join you will be surprised to find that there are tons of websites with high domain authority looking for people to write for them on their blogs for free and in exchange you get backlinks to your website.

20. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean will pay you to write quality tech tutorials.


21. Metro Parent

If you want to write about parenting and get paid for it, Metro Parent is a great option.

22. WPHub

Here you can write about WordPress-related topics and get paid $100-$200 per article.

They do allow you to have an author page or box but no links.


The fact that you can make $100 or more for one blog post is pretty amazing by itself. It’s also nice that you have so many sites willing to pay that much as well.



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